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About Us




In 1999 we formed a company named CampusNet and set out to develop a system that was capable of addressing the many challenges implicit in the broad based distribution of education and training, especially the systems and controls necessary for a financially sustainable model capable of being replicated.


After many years of research and development, we now have systems capable of meeting these challenges


While the core purpose of CampusNet is the distribution of educational information and services, the CampusNet Virtual World gateway enables CampusNet itself, many Government departments, businesses and other agencies to reach out to marginalized communities and provide additional services and business opportunities that are, at present, difficult or too costly to deliver.


CampusNet through its system and approach intends to be instrumental in addressing rural access to technology and education, playing its part in the alleviation of poverty, and assisting in achieving the Millennium Development and NEPAD goals as related to education and access. Not only will education, training, information and communication be made available to communities in a relatively short space of time but also numerous entrepreneurial and job opportunities will be created.


CampusNet believes that upliftment and empowerment begins with education and communication. Learning can only take place if students are given the opportunity;


CampusNet sets out to provide that opportunity to all.