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An initial view of the reception area from outside the Yovo complex.

Another view of the reception area from outside the Yovo complex.

The view when entering the reception area showing the access points to the various floors at the back.

In reception, display boards & automated robotic figures offer assistance to visitors. These are in the form of voice and interactive text communication.

Reception Area


Visitors and your invited Guests all land in the Reception Area.


From there they can explore the YOVO environment, access your office, interact with other visitors and experience the interactive display boards.


They can meet other visitors and guests socially in the Community Area, visit the Exhibition Area to view the displays and even attend invited sessions in the Conference Area.


Guests are only able to access the office to which they have been invited..
When invited guests approach an office door, they are automatically granted access.

When uninvited guests attempt to enter an office, (maybe they have read the information board above the office door and are keen to make contact with the office owner), they will not be granted access and will be presented with an email form in which they can request a meeting with the office owner.

The environment is populated with display boards which present information on companies, their products & services.
These link to websites, documents & videos for visitors to view.

Using the built-in VoIP & text communication tools, all visitors are able to interact in real time.

These features all allow effective communication in a 3D immersive environment with anyone from anywhere at anytime and all that is required is internet access.

All of this without the need to travel and saving you time & money.