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SAVS Part Time Option

Which Option is Right for My Student?


At the Southern African Virtual School, we know that there is no one out there exactly like your student. Your student is unique. So why should all students be expected to learn in the same way? At SAVS, students learn the way they want to, because we give them choices.







The Part Time Option:


  • Whether a student is looking to take one course or more, SAVS Part Time offers the flexibility many students need, with students having control over when and how learning takes place.


  • A great option to supplement learning on subjects a student may be experiencing difficulty with or to take individual courses not offered by your local school.  


  • Registration for Part Time is on a rolling enrollment and open 365 days a year, meaning students can start their course at any time. Student enrollment is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of registration.


  • Teachers are able to offer any of these courses to their students and offer teacher guidance through SAVS teachers. 


  • The primary difference is that SAVS Part Time is all online.

  • Your SAVS Counselor is available via phone and email from   8 a.m.to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday, to answer any general queries you may have. 



SAVS Part Time is all online.


Core & Elective Courses


  • Each course has a real teacher that guides students through the course work, which is broken down into modules. As students work through the modules of the course, they will connect with the teacher to take exams online and to participate in discussion-based assessments. And, of course, teachers are available should a student have a question.

  • Pace charts assist students to remain on track with course schedules. Once the course is completed, grades are made available. They then appear on the student transcript just like other grades and are valid for graduation requirements. 


  • Your SAVS Counselor will talk with you via phone at least once per month. This monthly call provides you and your parent/guardian with the opportunity to hear a progress report.


Career & Other Courses


  • The Career and Other courses provide an exciting and academically meaningful student learning experience. All courses are one semester (18 weeks). While these courses are mainly self-study, they are all supported by our experienced teachers and instructors.

Our teachers are real, the coursework is real, and the

grades students receive at the end of each course are real.

The Part Time Option

Part Time Pricing


There’s more to taking an SAVS course than clicking through a few screens.

With photos, videos, and interactive activities, customisation becomes part of your learning experience. Dedicated teachers are available for the majority of courses.


With SAVS Part Time, students will select the courses they require to supplement subject knowledge in areas with which they are struggling or for subjects not offered by their local school. 







Core and Elective Courses


Individual course prices

do differ.


Contact Us 

for confirmation

of latest prices

Career and Other Courses


Contact Us 

for confirmation

of latest prices

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"SA Virtual School (CampusNet)"

Career and Other Courses -  Features




Personal Curriculum Narratives

Online course content does not have to read like a dry textbook. Our curriculum writers focus on keeping the student interested in the subject matter.


Contemporary Graphics

Next generation graphics and thought-provoking instructional design that is expected by today's online student.


Captivating Course Lab Activities

Insightful videos and interactive online activities reinforce key course concepts.


Effective Animations

Animated Flash unit summaries, learning objectives and reflection points (with professional voice narrations) add to the media-rich learning experience.


eDynamic Podcasts

Each course contains professional audio narration of all unit content. This feature addresses the student’s auditory needs, allowing them to either listen to the entire course, or download it using their choice of music player.



iTunes Audio Integration

All professional curriculum audio narration can be imported into a student's iTunes audio library.


Balanced Reading Level

A reading level that is both balanced and interesting for high schools students. To help students identify main ideas, key words and concepts are in bold.


Review Games

Entertaining and informative review games help prepare students for course assessments.


Meaningful Assessments

Our coursework promotes knowledge-building and critical thinking skills. Students are asked to review and apply key course concepts to various situations and personal experiences.


Reflective Discussion Assignments

High-interest discussion questions encourage students to share learning experiences with each other.

Courses and Images © eDynamic Learning

How do You Proceed with SAVS Part Time?


First, decide which course is right for your student. You may already know the exact course you're looking for or you may want to browse our Course Catalog.


Simply select the course, create an SAVS account and complete the sign-up process. Just remember, in order to finalize the process, your student will need your help. Every parent/guardian must agree to the SAVS Commitments, and you serve as the counselor to approve the enrollment. It's that easy.

You may be asking yourself, "So, where are all the students? Where does my student log into a course when we're ready?"


The answers can be found at mySAVS. This site is loaded with all the information and links a Southern African Virtual School student could ever need, including activities, links to information, advisement and, of course, the login for their Dashboard.

The Dashboard is where students access the course, submit coursework and review the pace chart, grades and teacher's comments. Once your student has an SAVS account and has signed up for a course, he or she can log into the Dashboard at mySAVS. This is also where you can log into your parent/guardian account.

Enroll & Start at Any Time

Thanks to rolling enrollment, students are able to start and finish courses, whether via the Full Time or Part Time Options, when it is most convenient, 365 days a year.


Contact Us

Need help from a representative?


For more information on our products and services, contact a SAVS representative.


































Are you ready to get started ?   Enroll Here


Need help from a representative?


For more information on our products and services, contact a SAVS representative.










Are you ready to get started ?   Enroll Here

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