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An innovative online high school for students, families, educators and school districts

High quality international level education with accredited courses and experienced teachers.

Educating learners is the core activity of SAVS.


The online course environment, the flexibility of online courses, and the communication and collaboration possible within online courses provide nearly limitless opportunities for innovation and engagement, with the ultimate goal of improving educational outcomes for students. Engaging students may lead them to a new world of ideas; allow them to connect with teachers and other students; and learn about their own interests, challenges,and capabilities in original ways. The incorporation of 21st century skills into online courses is a key component of this goal.

SA Virtual School is more than online courses

Our 120+ virtual courses are available 24/7 so no matter where you live, you can learn with us! What’s more, our courses are just as real as the dedicated teachers who teach them.


With fully internationally accredited courses, SA Virtual School is where you go to learn on your time and on your schedule, no matter

what kind of student (public, private, or homeschooled) you are. Learn more about how SAVS works.

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Ever wondered what it was like to take a course online? Check out the videos below to learn more about just a few of our courses. Then preview a sample of actual courses our students are taking right now.

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Explore a lesson from one of our courses. These are the real courses that our students take every day













How It Works!


Click on the video to view how the Southern African Virtual School operates.

How to Succeed in Virtual Schooling!


Click on the video to view important tips on how to be successful in our virtual school.

An innovative online high school for students, families, educators and school districts

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SA Virtual School offers more than 120 courses,

including core, elective, honors, and advanced placement AP® . View SAVS course offerings.




SA Virtual School teachers are qualified in the subjects they teach and are experienced online teachers. 




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