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Your office entrance with your information display board above the door

View of the 1st floor of the Yovo complex showing the entrances to Offices 101 to 105 on the left.

The view when entering your office showing one of the meeting areas and the display boards which you can customise with your information.

The display boards can be linked to websites, documents, videos and other information which you would like to share with your visitors.

The restricted VoIP zones allow private & secure voice communication

Your Virtual Office


Subscribe to Yovo, invite your guests to join you, experience the 3D immersive environment, hold meetings, discussions, small training sessions and presentation sessions virtually.

Only your invited guests (a maximum of 4, 10 or 25 guests at any one time, dependent on your subscription choice) will be able to access your secure office.

You register them as a user, issue them a username and password and invite them to your office for your meeting.

When your invited guests approach your door (see pic) they are automatically granted access and will enter your virtual office.

When uninvited guests attempt to enter your office, (maybe they have read the information board above your office door and are keen to talk to you), they will not be granted access and will be presented with an email form in which they can request a meeting with you.

Your office has a number of display boards which you can customise to present company information including loading your powerpoint presentations. These also allow you to create links to websites, documents & videos you may wish your visitors to view.

Both you and your guests each have a private briefcase for moving documents into and out of the virtual environment.

Using the built-in VoIP, text & webcam tools, you have complete and secure control over all communication in your office.

These features all allow you to effectively communicate in a 3D immersive environment with anyone from anywhere at anytime and all they require is internet access and your authorisation.

All of this without the need to travel and saving you time & money.