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Text Chat

The chat option is the basic chat room style messaging system available to chat in world to everyone in the room:

  • First click in the chat text box which is situated in the bottom left hand corner of the screen

  • Type your message.

  • Hit Enter on your keyboard to send the message.



The chat message and any replies received will then be displayed then after time will hide from view as not to clutter the screen.






To view previous messages:

  • Click in the chat box

  • All room Messages will be displayed above the box


You can also type a web-link into the chat box, it will turn blue in the chat window and users will be able to click on it to navigate to the page. This will come as a pop up in a new tab, therefore, users might have to allow pop ups on certain browsers to view see them.

Private Chat

If you want to talk privately to someone else in the world, use the right mouse button on the person you want to chat with to bring up the context menu, select private chat and a new private chat window will open up.

YOVO Administration

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