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The main method of touring the Virtual World will be walking. This section will cover the different ways to control your avatar through the mouse or keyboard. This will include jumping to different floor locations.



Walking in world


To move around the rooms and worlds and interact better with people you need to be able to move!



Arrow Key Navigation


Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around.  Another option to navigate the world is to use the arrows that appear within the screen. Wave your pointer on the centre bottom of the screen





















Quick Jump


To get to a point on a floor instead of walking, right click and click jump to this location. Right Click on the floor where you want to jump to, Click Jump To This Location. You will appear in the new location

















Sitting Down


To sit down in a chair or on another object, Right Click on the object, Click Sit-Down. You can use the arrow keys to move the camera in this mode



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